ITSC 2022 dans 7 jours !!!

ITSC 2022 dans 7 jours !!!

La prochaine conférence ITSC 2022 sur la projection thermique se tiendra à Vienne du 4 au 6 mai 2022 la semaine prochaine. A cette occasion, l’équipe PMDM LERMPS présentera ses travaux actuels à la communauté internationale au travers de présentations et posters :


  • A study of the high-density nanostructured ceramic coating prepared by low-pressure suspension plasma spraying (LPSPS) lien
  • Cavitation resistance of different ceramic coatings obtained by plasma and flame spraying from powder and flexicord lien
  • Effect of compressed air flow rate on the microstructure and properties of NiCoCrAlYTa coatings via a Novel HVOAF process fueled with ethanol lien
  • Properties of the new family of industrial cascade plasma torches Debye-Larmor™ and application to Cr2O3 coating for paper industry lien
  • A physics based model for ultrahigh strain rates in cold spray lien
  • Perspective of near-net-shape additive manufacturing by cold spraying: an empirical study using a high-pressure deposition of +45-15µm of Al-1050 powders lien
  • Sublayer-assisted cold spray metallization of carbon fiber reinforced composites lien
  • Study of the construction of aluminum alloy powder deposit on steel and aluminum alloy substrate by experimental way and Spray Cam image analysis lien


  • Development of compatiblizing sublayer for metallizing CFRP structures by cold spray lien
  • Properties characterization and heat treatment effects of aluminium 3D parts produced by cold sprayed additive manufacturing (CSAM) lien
  • Selective laser melted Fe-3wt.%Si soft magnet: microstructure, magnetic properties, and mechanical properties lien
  • Exploration of the non-invasive observation devices and image processing techniques for the quantitative analysis of cold spraying processes lien


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